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poles click to hear : poles

Rods of various shapes and materials from which a curtain hangs.
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double curtain rod single curtain rod fluted pole plain pole curtain pole eyelet block bracket end cap pole ring

double curtain rod click to hear : double curtain rod

Rod composed of two single rods, used to hang two curtains in front of the same window.

single curtain rod click to hear : single curtain rod

Rectangular metal bar composed of two parts: one is inserted into the other in order to adjust the length.

fluted pole click to hear : fluted pole

Cylindrical rod with grooves.

plain pole click to hear : plain pole

Smooth cylindrical rod.

curtain pole click to hear : curtain pole

Ornamental cylindrical rod, made of wood or metal; it supports a curtain that is opened by hand.

eyelet click to hear : eyelet

Small metal ring into which a hook is inserted to support a curtain.

block bracket click to hear : block bracket

end cap click to hear : end cap

Ornament attached to the end of the pole.

pole click to hear : pole

Cylindrical rod on which the rings slide.

ring click to hear : ring

Circular part sliding on the rod and drawing the curtain.