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composition of the blood click to hear : composition of the blood

Blood is made up of an aqueous liquid (plasma) in which solids (blood cells, platelets) are suspended. It accounts for 7% to 8% of the body’s weight.
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platelet blood vessel plasma white blood cell red blood cell

platelet click to hear : platelet

Blood cell that causes the blood to coagulate, preventing hemorrhaging.

blood vessel click to hear : blood vessel

Membranous canal through which blood circulates in the organism; blood vessels form a network about 150,000 km long.

plasma click to hear : plasma

Liquid part of blood consisting especially of water, mineral salts and proteins; it allows elements such as nutrients and waste to circulate in the blood.

white blood cell click to hear : white blood cell

Blood cell that plays an essential role in the body’s defenses (destruction of infectious agents, production of antibodies).

red blood cell click to hear : red blood cell

Blood cell that transports oxygen and contains a pigment (hemoglobin); red blood cells are the most numerous.