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egg click to hear : egg

Mature female reproductive cell produced by the ovary, which, after fertilization by a spermatozoon, enables the embryo to develop.
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nucleus zona pellucida cytoplasm nucleolus corona radiata

nucleus click to hear : nucleus

Organelle containing a cell’s genes and controlling its activities.

zona pellucida click to hear : zona pellucida

Fine granular coat composed of mucopolysaccharides covering the egg; it allows a single spermatozoon to penetrate the egg, which then becomes impermeable to others.

cytoplasm click to hear : cytoplasm

Clear gelatinous substance surrounding the various cellular structures.

nucleolus click to hear : nucleolus

Small spherical body located inside the nucleus, within which the ribosomes, or protein-synthesizing structures, are produced.

corona radiata click to hear : corona radiata

Collection of granular cells that forms a protective crown around the egg.