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curling iron click to hear : curling iron

Electric appliance used to curl hair.
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clamp clamp lever heat ready indicator cool tip barrel stand on-off switch on-off indicator swivel cord handle

clamp click to hear : clamp

Clamp that closes over and presses down on a lock of hair before it is rolled around the barrel.

clamp lever click to hear : clamp lever

Piece that is pushed down to open the clamp.

heat ready indicator click to hear : heat ready indicator

Signal light that indicates when the iron is up to temperature.

cool tip click to hear : cool tip

End of the barrel that remains cool so that it can be touched with the fingers when handling the appliance.

barrel click to hear : barrel

Heated cylinder around which a lock of hair is wrapped.

stand click to hear : stand

Piece used to place the appliance on a surface even when the barrel is hot.

on-off switch click to hear : on-off switch

Button for turning the device on or off.

on-off indicator click to hear : on-off indicator

Light showing that the appliance is on.

swivel cord click to hear : swivel cord

Electric cord containing insulated wires that connect the appliance to the electric circuit; the base is reinforced to reduce twisting and prevent wear.

handle click to hear : handle

Part molded to the shape of the hand; it is used to pick up and handle the appliance.