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haircutting scissors click to hear : haircutting scissors

Straight-bladed scissors used to trim hair.
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notched single-edged thinning scissors blade notched edge notched double-edged thinning scissors tooth

notched single-edged thinning scissors click to hear : notched single-edged thinning scissors

Scissors that can both trim and thin hair because they have a straight lower blade and a notched upper blade.

blade click to hear : blade

Blade with a smooth cutting edge that cuts straight across the hair.

notched edge click to hear : notched edge

Blade with an edge that has a row of teeth; it is used to cut hair in points.

notched double-edged thinning scissors click to hear : notched double-edged thinning scissors

Scissors with notched blades that thin the hair by cutting individual locks in points.

tooth click to hear : tooth

Each of the sharp projections on the blade.