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necklaces click to hear : necklaces

Article of jewelry worn around the neck that consists of a band of gold or silver, a circle of set or unset precious stones or pearls strung together.
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bib necklace choker rope opera-length necklace velvet-band choker matinee-length necklace locket pendant

bib necklace click to hear : bib necklace

Pearl necklace consisting of three or more rows.

choker click to hear : choker

Pearl necklace that sometimes consists of many rows and is worn at the base of the neck.

rope click to hear : rope

Pearl necklace that is over 1 m long and can be looped several times around the neck and knotted over the chest.

opera-length necklace click to hear : opera-length necklace

Pearl necklace that is approximately 80 cm long and falls over the chest.

velvet-band choker click to hear : velvet-band choker

Choker consisting of a ribbon to which an ornament is attached.

matinee-length necklace click to hear : matinee-length necklace

Pearl necklace that is approximately 50 cm long and falls above the chest.

locket click to hear : locket

Usually round or oval pendant that opens to receive a memento of a loved one.

pendant click to hear : pendant

Article of jewelry hung from a chain or a necklace.