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contact lenses click to hear : contact lenses

Transparent visual aid placed over the cornea to correct defective vision.
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lubricant eye drops multipurpose solution lens case left side right side disposable contact lens soft contact lens hard contact lens

lubricant eye drops click to hear : lubricant eye drops

Product applied in drops to the eyes to moisten them; the lens does not have to be removed.

multipurpose solution click to hear : multipurpose solution

Product that cleans, rinses, disinfects and conserves the lenses.

lens case click to hear : lens case

Container in which the lenses are kept bathed in a multipurpose solution.

left side click to hear : left side

Place where the lens worn in the left eye is kept.

right side click to hear : right side

Place where the lens worn in the right eye is kept.

disposable contact lens click to hear : disposable contact lens

Soft lens that lasts from one to 30 days.

soft contact lens click to hear : soft contact lens

Very thin lens that molds perfectly to the shape of the eye and lasts from one to two years.

hard contact lens click to hear : hard contact lens

Thicker than the soft contact lens, this lens lasts from two to 10 years.