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eyeglasses parts click to hear : eyeglasses parts

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rim butt-strap pad arm pad plate nose pad bend earpiece endpiece bar glass lens temple bridge

rim click to hear : rim

Part of the frames that surrounds and supports the lens.

butt-strap click to hear : butt-strap

Part of the temple that hinges onto the endpiece so that the temple can be folded behind the frames.

pad arm click to hear : pad arm

Metal stem connecting the nose pad to the rim.

pad plate click to hear : pad plate

Flat end of the pad arm to which the latter is attached.

nose pad click to hear : nose pad

Small, usually plastic piece that supports the rim on the nose.

bend click to hear : bend

Part of the temple that rests on the ear and where the backward curve begins.

earpiece click to hear : earpiece

Curved rigid round-tipped part at the far end of the temple that goes behind the ear.

endpiece click to hear : endpiece

Part attached to the side of the rim that connects the temple to the frame.

bar click to hear : bar

Part following the line of the eyebrows and connecting the two rims.

glass lens click to hear : glass lens

Transparent lens with optical characteristics designed for the needs of a specific person and shaped to fit a specific frame.

temple click to hear : temple

Hinged stem connected to the side of the rim; the end of it bends behind the ear to hold the lenses in place in front of the eyes.

bridge click to hear : bridge

Part of the frames that connects the two lens rims and rests on the nose.