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smoking accessories click to hear : smoking accessories

Range of objects used for smoking tobacco in pipes, cigars or cigarettes.
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tobacco pouch pipe tools pick scoop tamper pipe cleaners pipe rack

tobacco pouch click to hear : tobacco pouch

Watertight case for storing tobacco.

pipe tools click to hear : pipe tools

Multipurpose three-armed instrument used to tamp down tobacco in the tobacco hole and to unblock and empty it.

pick click to hear : pick

Device used to ream the stem and empty the tobacco from the tobacco hole.

scoop click to hear : scoop

Device used to remove any remaining ashes and scrape away the carbonized layer.

tamper click to hear : tamper

Device used to tamp down any tobacco that has expanded during burning.

pipe cleaners click to hear : pipe cleaners

Flexible fiber-covered rods used to clean the inside of the stem.

pipe rack click to hear : pipe rack

Object of various shapes on which pipes are placed to cool; it is designed so that the pipe stem points up for it to dry.