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umbrella and stick click to hear : umbrella and stick

The shape, price and materials of these personal articles vary widely according to culture, period and manufacturer.
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umbrella rib tip shank handle tab canopy tie ring spreader

umbrella click to hear : umbrella

Accessory made up of a handle and fabric stretched over a collapsible metal frame that is used as protection against the rain.

rib click to hear : rib

Hinged metal or wooden rod that is attached to the canopy and used to stretch it taut.

tip click to hear : tip

Usually plastic or wooden trim that decorates the tip of each rib and hides where the canopy is attached.

shank click to hear : shank

Elongated wooden or metal piece along which the ring slides.

handle click to hear : handle

Usually plastic or sometimes wooden part that is used to hold the umbrella whether it is open or closed.

tab click to hear : tab

Small spring-loaded piece that engages with the ring at the bottom and top of the shank and holds it in place to keep the umbrella open or closed.

canopy click to hear : canopy

Waterproof fabric, often nylon.

tie click to hear : tie

Strip of material with a fastener that is wrapped around the closed umbrella to hold the ribs and canopy in place.

ring click to hear : ring

Piece that slides up and down the shank to open and close the umbrella.

spreader click to hear : spreader

Part of the frame that is connected to both the ring and a rib.