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Larousse Launches Visual Dictionary App for iPhone and iPod touch

Mexico City, Mexico (April 3rd, 2012) – Ediciones Larousse Mexico announced today the launch of its Visual Dictionary App for iPhone and iPod touch, now available on the App Store. This unique app connects images with correct terminology, offering over 6,000 full-color images along with over 20,000 terms and topics in both Spanish and English such as:

  • Astronomy and Earth
  • Animal & Vegetable Kingdom
  • Human Being
  • Food & Kitchen
  • House and Clothing
  • Gardening and Do-it-yourself
  • Personal Adornment and Articles
  • Arts & Architecture
  • Communications and Office Automation
  • Transport and Machinery
  • Science and Society
  • Sports & Games

Whether you know what something looks like but can think of it’s name, or you know the term or what something is called, but can’t visualize it, the Larousse Visual Dictionary App is the ultimate tool. Quick and easy to navigate, you can match the word to the image in moments. It’s the ideal companion for teachers, writers, translators, parents and students of all skill levels, and an indispensable tool for your research.

The Larousse Visual Dictionary App is available for 60 Mexican pesos / $4.99 USD from the App Store on iPhone and iPod touch or at www.itunes.com.

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