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Québec City, May 13th, 2010 – De Marque, a leader in educational technology, is pleased to announce that the English version of The Visual Dictionary School Edition is now ready and available to schools and libraries.

This version adds to the French version released earlier this year. Published in various formats (printed and electronic) since 1982 by Québec Amérique International, the Visual Dictionary is now offered in a subscription based ad-free online version.

“The Web is a powerful medium for the Visual Dictionary: it allows whole classrooms to access simultaneously a fast, reliable, and comprehensive terminological resource. On top of that, this School Edition makes all our beautiful imagery available to the users to illustrate school projects. Teachers asked, and we listened!”, declares Caroline Fortin, Québec Amérique International vice president and editor.

Much more than a basic online dictionary, it innovates through its thematic structure and in-depth treatment of the topics explored. Each of the 17 major themes is covered through a combination of detailed illustrations, precise terminology and clear, concise definitions.

Thanks to its varied content and detailed organization, The Visual Dictionary School Edition allows students to acquire vocabulary, to consolidate and to deepen knowledge pertaining to classroom subject matters, as well as to integrate quality visual elements into any school work.

“This new addition to our product offering reinforces our commitment to provide teachers and students with stimulating and up-to-date resources that will foster learning through technology. It is a valuable tool to acquire vocabulary – packed with attractive visual material that can be exported to various media”, states Simon de Jocas, De Marque Sales & Marketing vice president.

The Visual Dictionary School Edition is currently available in two trilingual versions: English-French- Spanish and English-French-German. A demo version is available on http://thevisualdictionary.demarque.com.

The dictionary was among the titles selected by the New York Public Library in its 2009 Best of Reference list of books and websites. The same year, Webby Awards also nominated The Visual Dictionary Online for best website in the Education category.

About De Marque
Founded in 1990, De Marque specializes in education by developing and marketing educational media, content, and applications, which capitalize on information technology to help foster knowledge acquisition and learning. De Marque is the proud publisher of Typing Pal, a leading keyboarding tutor. It is the exclusive worldwide reseller of the French version of Inspiration software and the appointed reseller of Promethean interactive whiteboard ActivBoard for French-speaking clients in Canada. For more information about the company, visit www.demarque.com.

About Québec Amérique International
Québec Amérique International is a leading publisher and creator of visually innovative reference works. Recognized as a pioneer for designing and publishing outstanding products for the international market, Québec Amérique International has earned a solid reputation among partners around the world. Renowned for its remarkable design, eye-catching illustrations and solid content, Québec Amérique International is the leader when it comes to visually innovative reference content. For more information about the company, visit www.qa-international.com.

The Visual Dictionary
Since 1982, The Visual Dictionary has been defining, illustrating and naming the components of the world around us in breathtaking images and content that is detailed and complete. Translated into more than 35 languages, distributed in over 100 countries and with more than 8 million copies sold, this reference book has become the standard in its category.

For further information:
Simon de Jocas
De Marque Sales & Marketing vice president
418 658-9143