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simple leaves click to hear : simple leaves

Leaves with an undivided blade; there are many types, grouped according to shape.
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lanceolate ovate peltate linear reniform orbiculate cordate hastate spatulate

lanceolate click to hear : lanceolate

Simple leaf with a narrow blade that is longer than it is wide, ending in a point.

ovate click to hear : ovate

Simple leaf with an egg-shaped blade.

peltate click to hear : peltate

Simple leaf with a petiole attached perpendicularly to the center of the blade’s underside.

linear click to hear : linear

Simple leaf with a long and very narrow blade and almost parallel margins.

reniform click to hear : reniform

Simple leaf with a kidney-shaped blade.

orbiculate click to hear : orbiculate

Simple leaf with a somewhat rounded blade.

cordate click to hear : cordate

Simple leaf with a heart-shaped blade.

hastate click to hear : hastate

Simple leaf with a spear-shaped blade.

spatulate click to hear : spatulate

Simple leaf in which the blade widens, taking the shape of a spatula.