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structure of a leaf click to hear : structure of a leaf

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blade margin tip petiole midrib vein sheath stipule leaf axil

blade click to hear : blade

Main part of the leaf, rich in chlorophyll; it can vary markedly in shape, depending on the type of rib and size of indentation.

margin click to hear : margin

Part that forms the outline of the leaf blade.

tip click to hear : tip

Apex of the leaf blade, at the opposite end from the part attached to the petiole; this part can vary markedly in shape.

petiole click to hear : petiole

Narrow part of the leaf connecting the blade to the stem.

midrib click to hear : midrib

Hollow projection that extends the petiole into the blade and carries sap; it forms the basis of the leaf’s skeleton.

vein click to hear : vein

Branching of the midrib that carries sap to the various parts of the blade; it also functions as the leaf’s skeleton.

sheath click to hear : sheath

Distension of the petiole, partly or completely surrounding the stem.

stipule click to hear : stipule

Small outgrowth at the base of the petiole in certain leaves.

leaf axil click to hear : leaf axil

Point at which the petiole attaches to the stem node.