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structure of a tree click to hear : structure of a tree

The tree is composed of an underground part, the roots, and two aboveground parts, the trunk and the crown.
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trunk bole limb twig crown radicle shallow root taproot branch top branches foliage root-hair zone

trunk click to hear : trunk

Main part of the tree extending between the soil and the lower branches.

bole click to hear : bole

Part of the tree trunk extending between the stump and the first lower limbs; it has no offshoots.

limb click to hear : limb

Offshoot growing directly out of a tree trunk, subsequently dividing into branches and twigs.

twig click to hear : twig

The most slender offshoot of a tree branch.

crown click to hear : crown

Part of the tree above the trunk, including the branches and the foliage.

radicle click to hear : radicle

The most slender offshoot of a tree root.

shallow root click to hear : shallow root

Root, often having many offshoots, growing somewhat horizontally into the rich moist topsoil.

taproot click to hear : taproot

First root growing out of the seed that grows vertically into the soil; it usually has few offshoots, its main function being to anchor the tree in the ground.

branch click to hear : branch

Offshoot of one of the tree’s limbs.

top click to hear : top

Apex of the tree’s crown.

branches click to hear : branches

The aggregate of larger and smaller branches that provide support for the tree’s leaves, flowers and fruit.

foliage click to hear : foliage

The aggregate of the leaves on a tree; it is especially adapted to capture light and perform photosynthesis.

root-hair zone click to hear : root-hair zone

Part of the radicle covered in small absorbent hairs that ensure the tree is supplied with mineral salts and water.