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anatomy of a bird click to hear : anatomy of a bird

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esophagus gizzard lung kidney ureter pancreas small intestine cloaca cecum rectum duodenum liver proventriculus crop heart trachea buccal cavity

esophagus click to hear : esophagus

Canal in the anterior part of the digestive tract; it carries food to the crop.

gizzard click to hear : gizzard

Muscular pouch behind the proventriculus in which food is ground with the help of stones swallowed by the bird before being digested.

lung click to hear : lung

Respiratory organ made up of an extensible tissue and forming a sac; air from the buccal cavity flows into it.

kidney click to hear : kidney

Organ secreting urine; it eliminates toxic substances from the body.

ureter click to hear : ureter

Long canal originating in the kidney and carrying urine to the cloaca.

pancreas click to hear : pancreas

Digestive gland connected to the duodenum and producing digestive enzymes and hormones.

small intestine click to hear : small intestine

Long narrow portion of the digestive tract behind the duodenum where part of digestion and food absorption takes place.

cloaca click to hear : cloaca

Orifice common to the intestine and the genital and urinary tracts; it is located at the terminal end of the digestive tract.

cecum click to hear : cecum

Lateral canal located in the anterior portion of the intestine where especially a part of digestion and fermentation take place.

rectum click to hear : rectum

Terminal end of the intestine before the cloaca.

duodenum click to hear : duodenum

Anterior portion of the small intestine into which secretions from the liver and pancreas empty.

liver click to hear : liver

Gland secreting mostly a substance (bile) that contributes to digestion.

proventriculus click to hear : proventriculus

Portion of the digestive tract opening out into the gizzard and secreting substances that help digestion.

crop click to hear : crop

Large bulge at the back of the esophagus; it can dilate to receive food.

heart click to hear : heart

Muscular organ helping blood to circulate.

trachea click to hear : trachea

Muscular cartilaginous canal carrying air from the buccal cavity to the lungs.

buccal cavity click to hear : buccal cavity

Anterior portion of the digestive tract containing the tongue and the salivary glands.