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head auriculars eye ring eyebrow stripe malar region lore lower mandible upper mandible nostril forehead crown

head click to hear : head

Anterior portion of the body containing the main sensory organs and the brain.

auriculars click to hear : auriculars

Lateral portion of the head in back of the malar region at the level of the eye.

eye ring click to hear : eye ring

Ring of tiny feathers surrounding the eye.

eyebrow stripe click to hear : eyebrow stripe

Band of small feathers above the eye.

malar region click to hear : malar region

Lateral portion of the head below the eye extending from the base of the bill to the auriculars.

lore click to hear : lore

Space between the base of the beak and the eye.

lower mandible click to hear : lower mandible

Bone forming the lower portion of the bill.

upper mandible click to hear : upper mandible

Bone forming the upper portion of the bill.

nostril click to hear : nostril

External orifice of the nasal cavity located at the base of the upper portion of the bill having a poorly developed olfactory function.

forehead click to hear : forehead

Upper front part of the head, between the bill and the crown.

crown click to hear : crown

Top part of the skull, behind the forehead.