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There are more than 9,000 species of birds scattered around the world.
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partridge woodpecker oystercatcher raven lapwing

partridge click to hear : partridge

Land-based bird that flies with difficulty; it is the most hunted game bird.

woodpecker click to hear : woodpecker

Widespread insectivore that pecks at the bark of trees to find food and to nest.

oystercatcher click to hear : oystercatcher

Swift long-billed bird found in Eurasia; it feeds mainly on shellfish.

raven click to hear : raven

Strong-billed scavenger with usually black plumage; it sometimes damages crops.

lapwing click to hear : lapwing

Mainly insectivorous bird found in the wetlands and marshes of Eurasia and Africa; it has a tuft of upright feathers on its head.