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morphology of a perch click to hear : morphology of a perch

Perch: bony carnivorous freshwater fish with an oval body and a spiny dorsal fin; its flesh is highly prized.
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scale anal fin caudal fin lateral line soft ray pelvic fin pectoral fin operculum maxilla mandible nostril premaxilla spiny ray

scale click to hear : scale

Each of the small thin hard plates overlapping one another to cover the fish’s body.

anal fin click to hear : anal fin

Swimming appendage formed of a membrane and rays located on the middle ventral portion of the body behind the anus; it provides stability.

caudal fin click to hear : caudal fin

Powerful swimming appendage with two lobes formed of a membrane and rays located vertically at the posterior terminal part of the body; its function is propulsion.

lateral line click to hear : lateral line

Subcutaneous canal protruding from the body and head formed of organs that are sensitive to vibrations in the water; it detects and locates objects and animals.

soft ray click to hear : soft ray

Long Y-shaped flexible part supporting the membrane of the second dorsal fin.

pelvic fin click to hear : pelvic fin

Swimming appendage formed of a membrane and rays located on the ventral surface of the body; it helps especially in maintaining equilibrium.

pectoral fin click to hear : pectoral fin

Swimming appendage made of bone that ensures stability, orientation, stopping and thermoregulation.

operculum click to hear : operculum

Thin bony plate of skin covering the gills and having a posterior valvular opening, the hearing organ.

maxilla click to hear : maxilla

Toothed bone forming, with the premaxilla, the upper jaw.

mandible click to hear : mandible

Toothed bone forming the lower jaw.

nostril click to hear : nostril

External orifice of the nasal cavity located above the mouth with a highly developed olfactory function.

premaxilla click to hear : premaxilla

Bone forming the anterior portion of the upper jaw.

spiny ray click to hear : spiny ray

Hard sharp part supporting the membrane of the first dorsal fin.