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examples of marsupials click to hear : examples of marsupials

The 260 or so species live on land or in trees in Oceania and the Americas.
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Tasmanian devil opossum wallaby koala kangaroo

Tasmanian devil click to hear : Tasmanian devil

Carnivorous scavenging nocturnal marsupial with powerful jaws that allow it to devour its prey whole (flesh, bones, fur, feathers).

opossum click to hear : opossum

Omnivorous nocturnal marsupial of the Americas and Australia without a pouch; its fur is highly prized.

wallaby click to hear : wallaby

Marsupial closely related to the kangaroo and living in Australia, Tasmania and New Guinea; certain species are prized for their fur.

koala click to hear : koala

Tailless nocturnal marsupial of Australia; this solitary tree-dweller lives in eucalyptus forests and feeds on the tree’s leaves.

kangaroo click to hear : kangaroo

Herbivorous marsupial with a highly developed tail; it lives in groups in Australia and Tasmania and moves rapidly by leaping.