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simple organisms and echinoderms image

simple organisms and echinoderms
Living beings formed of one or more cells, some of which possess a skeleton formed of calcareous spicules.

animal cell image

animal cell
Smallest living structure and constituent unit of all animals, including human beings; its size and shape vary according to function.

sponge image

Porous multicell organism, mostly marine (currently about 5,000 species); it anchors itself to a support and filters water to take in food particles.

unicellulars image

Single-cell organisms living in freshwater or salt water, in humid soil or as parasites of other organisms (plants or animals).

echinoderms image

Marine invertebrates (currently more than 6,000 species) covered with calcareous plates; an ambulacral ossicle runs along the body, helping the organism to move, anchor itself to a support and capture its prey.