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horseshoe click to hear : horseshoe

Curved metal band nailed under the wall of the hoof to protect it against wear, to absorb shocks and to provide better traction on the ground.
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inner edge outer edge side wall nail quarter toe branch nail hole heel

inner edge click to hear : inner edge

Inner contour of the horseshoe.

outer edge click to hear : outer edge

Outer contour of the horseshoe.

side wall click to hear : side wall

Part of the horseshoe under the side wall of the hoof.

nail click to hear : nail

Pointy metal pin; its head lodges in the nail hole to attach the horseshoe to the hoof.

quarter click to hear : quarter

Part of the horseshoe under the quarter of the hoof.

toe click to hear : toe

Part of the horseshoe under the toe of the hoof.

branch click to hear : branch

Each of the two parts of the horseshoe starting at the toe and ending at the heel.

nail hole click to hear : nail hole

Rectangular opening made in the iron to hold the head of a nail; there are usually six to eight nail holes.

heel click to hear : heel

Terminal end of each branch of a horseshoe; it is rounded and beveled to prevent injury.