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skeleton of a horse click to hear : skeleton of a horse

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caudal vertebrae sacral vertebrae lumbar vertebrae thoracic vertebrae cervical vertebrae

caudal vertebrae click to hear : caudal vertebrae

Bony parts comprising the skeleton of the tail located at the terminal end of the vertebral column.

sacral vertebrae click to hear : sacral vertebrae

Bony parts that are fused together between the lumbar and caudal vertebrae; the pelvis articulates with them.

lumbar vertebrae click to hear : lumbar vertebrae

Bony parts of the back located between the thoracic and sacral vertebrae.

thoracic vertebrae click to hear : thoracic vertebrae

Bony parts supporting the ribs between the cervical and lumbar vertebrae.

cervical vertebrae click to hear : cervical vertebrae

Bony parts of the neck comprising the upper terminal end of the vertebral column.