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drafting table track drawing board adjustable lamp storage tray ruler drafting machine adjustment pedal

drafting table click to hear : drafting table

Table whose height and incline can be adjusted; it is equipped with a drafting machine.

track click to hear : track

Rail along which the drafting machine moves vertically and horizontally.

drawing board click to hear : drawing board

Perfectly level wooden board whose incline can be adjusted; the drafting paper is placed on it.

adjustable lamp click to hear : adjustable lamp

Multidirectional light usually mounted on a worktable by an adjustable clamp.

storage tray click to hear : storage tray

ruler click to hear : ruler

Instrument used to draw a straight line and to measure length.

drafting machine click to hear : drafting machine

Instrument that moves along the drawing board and contains technical drawing instruments.

adjustment pedal click to hear : adjustment pedal

Device that regulates the height and angle of the drafting table.