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electronic instruments click to hear : electronic instruments

Electronic instruments are designed to imitate, convert or produce sounds based on electric signals and digital data.
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synthesizer system buttons function display keyboard program selector modulation wheel voice edit buttons sequencer control fast data entry control fine data entry control volume control disk drive pitch wheel

synthesizer click to hear : synthesizer

Instrument that imitates other instruments or creates new sounds using electric signals.

system buttons click to hear : system buttons

Buttons used to select the instrument’s main operations as well as musical sounds in its memory.

function display click to hear : function display

Liquid crystal display indicating various data.

keyboard click to hear : keyboard

Series of keys pressed to play a melody using the timbres available on the instrument.

program selector click to hear : program selector

Button for selecting one of the instrument’s settings (voice edit buttons, sequencer control, etc.).

modulation wheel click to hear : modulation wheel

Wheel used to adjust the quality, or timbre, of a sound, separate from its pitch or volume.

voice edit buttons click to hear : voice edit buttons

Buttons used to create or modify a sound.

sequencer control click to hear : sequencer control

Buttons that reproduce a melodic or rhythmic motif based on a prerecorded selection.

fast data entry control click to hear : fast data entry control

Cursor used to rapidly set a parameter.

fine data entry control click to hear : fine data entry control

Rotating device that fine-tunes a parameter.

volume control click to hear : volume control

disk drive click to hear : disk drive

Device used to read or record data on a diskette.

pitch wheel click to hear : pitch wheel

Wheel used to adjust the frequency of sound vibrations, or pitch.