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music image

The art of combining sounds to produce harmony.

traditional musical instruments image

traditional musical instruments
Collective term for the instruments, current or ancient, that characterize a culture, era or style of music.

symphony orchestra image

symphony orchestra
Group composed of numerous musicians under the direction of a conductor; it includes various categories of instruments, depending on the work to be performed.

wind instruments image

wind instruments
Collective term for instruments that produce sound by blowing, which causes the air column inside the tube to vibrate; a reed or the lips are used to play them.

percussion instruments image

percussion instruments
Group of instruments that are struck directly with the hands or with sticks, mallets, etc. to produce a sound.

electronic instruments image

electronic instruments
Electronic instruments are designed to imitate, convert or produce sounds based on electric signals and digital data.

musical notation image

musical notation
Collective term for the signs on a staff that represent sounds and silences as well as value, pitch, measure, rhythm and so forth.

musical accessories image

musical accessories
Instruments used by musicians to measure the tempo of a composition, tune their instruments and hold their music.

examples of instrumental groups image

examples of instrumental groups
Instrumental groups: groups of two or more instruments and musicians; a group’s composition depends on the work being played.

stringed instruments image

stringed instruments
Instruments whose sound, amplified by a sound box, is produced by the vibration of plucked or bowed strings stretched along a neck.

keyboard instruments image

keyboard instruments
Instruments with a series of keys that are pressed to strike or pluck strings and thereby produce sound.