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wind instruments click to hear : wind instruments

Collective term for instruments that produce sound by blowing, which causes the air column inside the tube to vibrate; a reed or the lips are used to play them.
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saxophone breech guard breech thumb rest key finger button body key guard key bell brace reed bell key lever ligature octave mechanism crook mouthpiece crook key

saxophone click to hear : saxophone

Single-reed instrument consisting of a conical copper tube with a flared bell and holes closed by keys.

breech guard click to hear : breech guard

Metal part that protects the keys on the breech from impact.

breech click to hear : breech

Curved part connecting the bell to the body.

thumb rest click to hear : thumb rest

Part on which the thumb is placed to support the instrument.

key finger button click to hear : key finger button

Piece of mother-of-pearl that moves the key plate.

body click to hear : body

Conical tube located between the crook and the breech and containing most of the keys.

key guard click to hear : key guard

Metal part that protects the keys from impact.

key click to hear : key

Mechanism composed of a lever and a plate; it opens and closes the holes when notes are played.

bell brace click to hear : bell brace

Ring that connects the bell of the instrument to the body.

reed click to hear : reed

Part used to produce sound; it consists of a tongue that vibrates against the edge of the instrument’s mouthpiece.

bell click to hear : bell

Flared end of the instrument.

key lever click to hear : key lever

Part that controls a key plate.

ligature click to hear : ligature

Part that attaches the reed to the flat surface of the mouthpiece.

octave mechanism click to hear : octave mechanism

Part that increases the pitch of the notes by an octave.

crook click to hear : crook

Curved part connecting the mouthpiece to the body.

mouthpiece click to hear : mouthpiece

Beveled mouthpiece similar to that of the clarinet; the reed attaches to its flat surface and the player blows into it.

crook key click to hear : crook key

Key that opens and closes the instrument’s smallest hole, located on the crook.