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symphony orchestra click to hear : symphony orchestra

Group composed of numerous musicians under the direction of a conductor; it includes various categories of instruments, depending on the work to be performed.
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bassoons tuba cymbals snare drum gong timpani bass drum French horns oboes piccolo double basses English horns cellos conductor’s podium violas second violins first violins harps flutes clarinets piano bass clarinet trumpets tubular bells contrabassoons cornet xylophone triangle trombones castanets violin family percussion instruments brass family woodwind family

bassoons click to hear : bassoons

Double-reed instruments consisting of a curved conical wooden tube; the double-reed is inserted into a curved mouthpiece.

tuba click to hear : tuba

Valved instrument whose tonal range is the lowest in the brass family; it consists of a coiled conical tube and an upturned bell.

cymbals click to hear : cymbals

Instrument consisting of two metal disks that are struck together.

snare drum click to hear : snare drum

Flat drum consisting of two membranes; stretched across the lower head are snares that produce a rattling sound.

gong click to hear : gong

Instrument consisting of a large metal disk with a raised central portion that is struck using a mallet.

timpani click to hear : timpani

Instruments consisting of a parabolic copper basin covered with a stretched batter head that is struck with a mallet.

bass drum click to hear : bass drum

Large drum set on a vertical frame and struck using a pedal-controlled wooden mallet.

French horns click to hear : French horns

Valved instruments consisting of a coiled conical tube and a flared bell.

oboes click to hear : oboes

Double-reed instruments consisting of a conical tube with holes (some closed by keys) and a slightly flared bell.

piccolo click to hear : piccolo

Small transverse flute whose range is an octave higher than the regular transverse flute.

double basses click to hear : double basses

Four- or five-stringed instruments played upright; the largest of the violin family, they also have the lowest range.

English horns click to hear : English horns

Alto oboes with a pear-shaped bell.

cellos click to hear : cellos

Four-stringed instruments placed between the legs when played; they are about twice the size of a violin and their range is one octave lower than the viola.

conductor’s podium click to hear : conductor’s podium

Small dais that the conductor stands on to direct the musicians as they play.

violas click to hear : violas

Four-stringed instruments similar to a violin but played a fifth lower.

second violins click to hear : second violins

The violins that support the first violins.

first violins click to hear : first violins

The violins that play the melody.

harps click to hear : harps

Plucked stringed instruments consisting of strings of unequal length attached to a triangular frame.

flutes click to hear : flutes

Instruments with a side mouthpiece and a tube containing holes, some of which are closed by keys.

clarinets click to hear : clarinets

Single-reed instruments whose cylindrical tube contains holes (some closed by keys) and ends in a flared bell.

piano click to hear : piano

Piano whose mechanism is horizontal, allowing the pianist to better control the sound; it varies in size from 2.5 to 2.7 meters.

bass clarinet click to hear : bass clarinet

Clarinet with a curved tube; its range is one octave lower than the ordinary clarinet.

trumpets click to hear : trumpets

Valved instruments consisting of a curved cylindrical tube and a flared bell.

tubular bells click to hear : tubular bells

Series of metal tubes arranged vertically in order of size; small hammers are used to strike the tops of the tubes.

contrabassoons click to hear : contrabassoons

Double-reed wind instruments consisting of several tubes; their range is one octave lower than the bassoon.

cornet click to hear : cornet

Valved instrument consisting of a curved conical tube and a flared bell.

xylophone click to hear : xylophone

Instrument consisting of wooden bars placed on top of resonators arranged in chromatic order in two rows; the bars are struck with mallets.

triangle click to hear : triangle

Instrument composed of a metal bar bent to form a triangle open at one end; the triangle is struck with a metal rod.

trombones click to hear : trombones

Instruments consisting of a curved tube with a slide that is lengthened to produce notes varying in pitch by semitones.

castanets click to hear : castanets

Instrument composed of two shell-shaped pieces of wood held in one hand and struck together using the fingers.

violin family click to hear : violin family

Group of stringed instruments played with a bow.

percussion instruments click to hear : percussion instruments

Group of instruments that are struck directly with the hands or with sticks, mallets, etc. to produce a sound.

brass family click to hear : brass family

Group of wind instruments made from metal and played with cup-shaped mouthpieces.

woodwind family click to hear : woodwind family

Group of wind instruments originally made from wood.