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percussion instruments click to hear : percussion instruments

Group of instruments that are struck directly with the hands or with sticks, mallets, etc. to produce a sound.
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drums leg tenor drum spur pedal mallet stand tension screw bass drum tripod stand snare drum batter head inferior cymbal superior cymbal high-hat cymbal tom-tom cymbal

drums click to hear : drums

All the percussion instruments played by a single musician, the drummer.

leg click to hear : leg

Part that supports the drum; its rubber end prevents the drum from sliding along the floor.

tenor drum click to hear : tenor drum

Drum that makes a muted sound; it is struck with a mallet or a drumstick.

spur click to hear : spur

Retractable metal rod attached to the bottom of a bass drum to stabilize it.

pedal click to hear : pedal

Device that controls the mallet used to strike the membrane.

mallet click to hear : mallet

Metal rod whose end (made of felt, cork, skin, etc.) is used to strike the membrane of the bass drum.

stand click to hear : stand

Part on which the bass drum and the pedal rest.

tension screw click to hear : tension screw

Part that adjusts the tension of the membrane.

bass drum click to hear : bass drum

Large drum set on a vertical frame and struck using a pedal-controlled wooden mallet.

tripod stand click to hear : tripod stand

Solid base with three feet.

snare drum click to hear : snare drum

Flat drum consisting of two membranes; stretched across the lower membrane are snares that produce a rattling sound.

batter head click to hear : batter head

Stretched membrane on a snare drum that is struck with a drumstick or a wire brush.

inferior cymbal click to hear : inferior cymbal

superior cymbal click to hear : superior cymbal

high-hat cymbal click to hear : high-hat cymbal

Instrument consisting of two cymbals; the movable superior cymbal, controlled by a pedal, is used to strike the inferior cymbal.

tom-tom click to hear : tom-tom

Instrument consisting of two single-membrane drums struck with a mallet or a drumstick.

cymbal click to hear : cymbal

Instrument consisting of a metal disk mounted on a stand; it is struck with a mallet, a drumstick or a wire brush.