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percussion instruments click to hear : percussion instruments

Group of instruments that are struck directly with the hands or with sticks, mallets, etc. to produce a sound.
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kettledrum foot caster pedal crown tension rod strut shell tuning gauge tie rod batter head metal counterhoop

kettledrum click to hear : kettledrum

Instrument consisting of a parabolic copper basin covered with a stretched membrane that is struck with mallets.

foot click to hear : foot

The base of the kettledrum.

caster click to hear : caster

pedal click to hear : pedal

Device connected to the crown that adjusts the tension of the membrane to change the tuning of the instrument.

crown click to hear : crown

Plate raised and lowered with the pedal to adjust the position of the tie rods.

tension rod click to hear : tension rod

Metal rod connecting the crown to the tie rods.

strut click to hear : strut

Metal frame with several branches; it supports the shell.

shell click to hear : shell

Parabolic copper basin that functions as a sound box.

tuning gauge click to hear : tuning gauge

Part used to adjust the pitch of a note and obtain precise tuning of the instrument.

tie rod click to hear : tie rod

Metal part connected to the tension rod; by adjusting the tension of the batter head, it changes the drum’s pitch.

batter head click to hear : batter head

Membrane that is struck with a mallet.

metal counterhoop click to hear : metal counterhoop

Metal hoop that stretches the membrane over the shell to control the tone of the instrument.