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rest symbols click to hear : rest symbols

Symbol that marks an interruption of sound; the figure indicates duration and has the same value as the accompanying note.
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thirty-second rest eighth rest half rest whole rest quarter rest sixteenth rest sixty-fourth rest

thirty-second rest click to hear : thirty-second rest

Silence equal to 1/8 of a beat or a thirty-second note.

eighth rest click to hear : eighth rest

Silence equal to 1/2 of a beat or an eighth note.

half rest click to hear : half rest

Silence equal to two beats or a half note.

whole rest click to hear : whole rest

Silence equal to four beats or a whole note.

quarter rest click to hear : quarter rest

Silence equal to one beat or a quarter note.

sixteenth rest click to hear : sixteenth rest

Silence equal to 1/4 of a beat or a sixteenth note.

sixty-fourth rest click to hear : sixty-fourth rest

Silence equal to 1/16 of a beat or a sixty-fourth note.