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organ click to hear : organ

Wind instrument with several keyboards; it produces sound by means of pipes that are fed by a blower.
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organ console swell pedals toe piston thumb piston manuals coupler-tilt tablet pedal keyboard pedal key crescendo pedal great organ manual choir organ manual swell organ manual stop knob music stand

organ console click to hear : organ console

Console consisting of the mechanisms controlled by the organist (e.g., manuals, pedals, stop knobs).

swell pedals click to hear : swell pedals

Mechanisms that open and close the swell box valves to control volume; the swell box houses the pipes of one or more manuals.

toe piston click to hear : toe piston

Mechanism controlled by foot that prepares the pipes in advance, making them sound only when the pedal is pushed.

thumb piston click to hear : thumb piston

Hand-controlled mechanism used to prepare the pipes of a manual in advance, making them sound only when the piston is pushed.

manuals click to hear : manuals

Each of the series of keys that the organist plays by hand, which control one or several pipes of the same note.

coupler-tilt tablet click to hear : coupler-tilt tablet

Plate that controls the mechanism joining two or more manuals.

pedal keyboard click to hear : pedal keyboard

Series of keys that the organist operates by foot.

pedal key click to hear : pedal key

Lever that is lowered using the foot to allow air to enter and produce sound.

crescendo pedal click to hear : crescendo pedal

Pedal mechanism allowing certain combinations of pipes to sound and increasing their number until "e&tutti"e&, when all pipes are heard.

great organ manual click to hear : great organ manual

Series of keys that make up the main keyboard, which is used to play the most important parts.

choir organ manual click to hear : choir organ manual

Keyboard that controls a series of pipes at the front of the organ; its timbres are softer than those of the great organ.

swell organ manual click to hear : swell organ manual

Keyboard that controls a series of pipes enclosed in a wooden frame (swell box); its movable valves are controlled by a swell pedal to obtain variations in volume.

stop knob click to hear : stop knob

Device attached to a stop rod that controls the slider, which allows a row of pipes to sound or remain silent.

music stand click to hear : music stand

Inclined board where the organist places music.