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organ click to hear : organ

Wind instrument with several keyboards; it produces sound by means of pipes that are fed by a blower.
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mechanism of the organ rackboard upperboard rackboard support slider bearer bottomboard wind supply wind trunk pallet spring stop rod stop knob tracker roller board and arms key manual air sealing gland pallet wind chest table pipe

mechanism of the organ click to hear : mechanism of the organ

All the parts between the manual keys and the pipes; in combination, they cause the organ to function.

rackboard click to hear : rackboard

Board with holes into which the pipes fit to hold them in an upright position.

upperboard click to hear : upperboard

Board with holes that correspond to those of the sliders and the wind chest table; the feet of the pipes sit in these holes.

rackboard support click to hear : rackboard support

Base on which the rackboard rests.

slider click to hear : slider

Movable wooden board with holes matching those of the upperboard, making it possible to sound a specific row of pipes.

bearer click to hear : bearer

Each of the fixed boards between which the sliders move; their function is to guide the sliders.

bottomboard click to hear : bottomboard

Pressurized air chamber located in the lower part of the wind chest.

wind supply click to hear : wind supply

Passage of air from the bellow to the pipe.

wind trunk click to hear : wind trunk

Conduit that air from the bellow passes through on its way to the bottomboard.

pallet spring click to hear : pallet spring

Spring that brings the pallet back into the closed position.

stop rod click to hear : stop rod

Part controlled by the stop knob; its function is to move a slider.

stop knob click to hear : stop knob

Device attached to a stop rod that controls the slider, which allows a row of pipes to sound or remain silent.

tracker click to hear : tracker

Strip of wood that is pulled by a key to control an arm.

roller board and arms click to hear : roller board and arms

Group of trackers and rollers connecting the keys of a manual to the corresponding pallets.

key click to hear : key

Lever pressed by the fingers that, through various mechanisms, lowers a pallet.

manual click to hear : manual

Series of keys the organist plays by hand; they control a specific group of pipes.

air sealing gland click to hear : air sealing gland

Small sac of flexible skin that makes the bottomboard airtight around the rod controlling the pallet.

pallet click to hear : pallet

Movable piece of wood controlled by a key; when the key is lowered, air enters a passage connecting all the pipes of the same note.

wind chest table click to hear : wind chest table

Piece of wood with holes into which the sliders slide.

pipe click to hear : pipe

Tube in which sound is produced by a vibrating shallot (reed pipe) or by air friction in an aperture (flue pipe).