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electronic instruments click to hear : electronic instruments

Electronic instruments are designed to imitate, convert or produce sounds based on electric signals and digital data.
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electronic piano damper pedal soft pedal headphone jack volume control tempo control voice selector rhythm selector music stand power switch

electronic piano click to hear : electronic piano

Piano designed to reproduce the sound of an acoustic piano by converting it into digital data; it also reproduces the sound of other instruments.

damper pedal click to hear : damper pedal

Pedal used to reproduce the effect of the damper pedal on an acoustic piano, increasing the duration of the sound.

soft pedal click to hear : soft pedal

Pedal that reproduces the effect of the soft pedal on an acoustic piano, decreasing the loudness.

headphone jack click to hear : headphone jack

Slot that takes the plug from the headphones.

volume control click to hear : volume control

tempo control click to hear : tempo control

Buttons that allow the player to vary the tempo, or speed, of a piece of music.

voice selector click to hear : voice selector

Buttons that allow the player to choose the sound of a particular musical instrument (saxophone, violin, etc.).

rhythm selector click to hear : rhythm selector

Buttons that allow the player to choose a rhythm (disco, rock, samba, etc.).

music stand click to hear : music stand

Inclined frame on which the musician places music.

power switch click to hear : power switch

Mechanical connection that turns the instrument on or off.