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upright piano click to hear : upright piano

A stringed instrument whose strings are struck by hammers controlled by the keys on a keyboard; its soundboard and strings are arranged vertically.
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strings treble bridge keyboard muffler pedal damper pedal hitch pin bass bridge metal frame soundboard keybed soft pedal pedal rod hammer rail muffler felt tuning pin pressure bar hammer case key pin block

strings click to hear : strings

Metal wires stretched between two fixed points; the hammers strike them, causing them to vibrate and produce sound.

treble bridge click to hear : treble bridge

Piece of wood over which the strings in the treble range are stretched; it transmits their vibrations to the soundboard.

keyboard click to hear : keyboard

Series of piano keys (52 white and 36 black).

muffler pedal click to hear : muffler pedal

In an upright piano, it lowers the muffler felt; in a grand piano, it prolongs the notes (sostenuto pedal).

damper pedal click to hear : damper pedal

Pedal that increases the duration of string resonance by keeping the dampers raised.

hitch pin click to hear : hitch pin

Piece attached to the metal frame; the lower end of the string attaches to it.

bass bridge click to hear : bass bridge

Piece of wood over which the bass strings are stretched; it transmits their vibrations to the soundboard.

metal frame click to hear : metal frame

Metal body that supports the tension of the strings.

soundboard click to hear : soundboard

Flat surface that amplifies the string vibrations transmitted by the bridges.

keybed click to hear : keybed

Part of the piano projecting from the case; it supports the keyboard.

soft pedal click to hear : soft pedal

In the upright piano, it brings the hammers closer to the strings to reduce their impact; in a grand piano, it limits the hammer impact to a section of the string.

pedal rod click to hear : pedal rod

Piece of wood that connects the pedal to the mechanism.

hammer rail click to hear : hammer rail

Felt-covered piece where the hammer shank rests when it falls back.

muffler felt click to hear : muffler felt

Strip of felt that comes between the strings and the hammer heads when the muffler pedal is pressed; it lowers the volume of sound.

tuning pin click to hear : tuning pin

Piece of wood or metal where the end of the string is attached; it adjusts string tension to obtain the exact tone.

pressure bar click to hear : pressure bar

Metal bar under which the strings pass, marking the top of the section of vibrating strings.

hammer click to hear : hammer

Piece of wood with a felt-covered end (head) that strikes one or more strings causing them to vibrate.

case click to hear : case

Wooden box that encloses the inner workings of the piano and protects them.

key click to hear : key

White or black lever pressed by the fingers to trigger a mechanism that causes the hammer to strike one or several strings.

pin block click to hear : pin block

Part in which the tuning pins are anchored.