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intervals click to hear : intervals

Difference in pitch between two successive notes (melodic interval) or simultaneous notes (harmonic interval).
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octave sixth fourth second seventh fifth third unison

octave click to hear : octave

Interval of eight tones (e.g., from C to C).

sixth click to hear : sixth

Interval of six tones (e.g., from C to A).

fourth click to hear : fourth

Interval of four tones (e.g., from C to F).

second click to hear : second

Interval of two tones (e.g., from C to D).

seventh click to hear : seventh

Interval of seven tones (e.g., from C to B).

fifth click to hear : fifth

Interval of five tones (e.g., from C to G).

third click to hear : third

Interval of three tones (e.g., from C to E).

unison click to hear : unison

Notes of the same pitch, or one or more octaves apart, produced simultaneously by several voices or instruments.