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bass guitar click to hear : bass guitar

Guitar whose tonal range is lower than that of the electric guitar; it usually has four strings.
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treble tone control bass tone control volume control balancer body bridge tuning peg neck head fret position marker fingerboard nut pickups strap system

treble tone control click to hear : treble tone control

Button that adjusts the frequency of the electric signals produced by the treble microphone.

bass tone control click to hear : bass tone control

Button that adjusts the frequency of the electric signals produced by the bass microphone.

volume control click to hear : volume control

Button that controls the loudness of the instrument.

balancer click to hear : balancer

Button that lets the player choose between one or both microphones.

body click to hear : body

Hollow nonresonant part of the instrument where the guitar’s electrical components are housed.

bridge click to hear : bridge

Piece over which the lower ends of the strings stretch; it also attaches them to the body.

tuning peg click to hear : tuning peg

Device that adjusts the tension of the strings.

neck click to hear : neck

Part of the guitar separated into sections by frets and along which the strings are stretched.

head click to hear : head

The upper end of the neck where the tuning pegs are attached.

fret click to hear : fret

Metal piece that acts as a reference point along the string, dividing the neck into sections separated by a semitone.

position marker click to hear : position marker

Piece of mother-of-pearl, wood or plastic imbedded into the center of certain sections of the neck.

fingerboard click to hear : fingerboard

Board on which the player’s fingers are placed to control the length of the vibrating string to determine the pitch of a note.

nut click to hear : nut

Small piece glued to the top of the neck; its function is to separate the strings and raise them between the head and the bridge.

pickups click to hear : pickups

Device that converts the vibrations of the strings into electric signals.

strap system click to hear : strap system