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electric guitar click to hear : electric guitar

Guitar with microphones that convert string vibrations into electric signals, which are then amplified and converted into sound.
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bridge assembly head neck fret position marker fingerboard nut tuning peg pickguard vibrato arm pickup selector volume control tone control output jack body treble pickup midrange pickup bass pickup

bridge assembly click to hear : bridge assembly

Assembly consisting of the bridge, the tailpiece and the vibrato arm.

head click to hear : head

The upper end of the neck where the tuning pegs are attached.

neck click to hear : neck

Part of the guitar separated into sections by frets and along which the strings are stretched.

fret click to hear : fret

Metal piece that acts as a reference point along the string, dividing the neck into sections separated by a semitone.

position marker click to hear : position marker

Piece of mother-of-pearl, wood or plastic imbedded into the center of certain sections of the neck.

fingerboard click to hear : fingerboard

Board on which the player’s fingers are placed to control the length of the vibrating string to determine the pitch of a note.

nut click to hear : nut

Small piece glued to the top of the neck; its function is to separate the strings and raise them between the head and the bridge.

tuning peg click to hear : tuning peg

Device that adjusts the tension of the strings.

pickguard click to hear : pickguard

Piece that covers the electric components inside the body, usually made of plastic.

vibrato arm click to hear : vibrato arm

Device that raises and lowers the bridge to adjust string tension and thereby alter the pitch of the notes.

pickup selector click to hear : pickup selector

Button that allows the player to choose one microphone or combine several.

volume control click to hear : volume control

Button that controls the loudness of the instrument.

tone control click to hear : tone control

Button that adjusts the frequency of the electric signals in order to control the tone of the guitar.

output jack click to hear : output jack

Plug for the cable that transmits the electric signals to the amplifier.

body click to hear : body

Hollow nonresonant part of the instrument where the guitar’s electrical components are housed.

treble pickup click to hear : treble pickup

Device that converts high-frequency string vibrations into electric signals.

midrange pickup click to hear : midrange pickup

Device that converts middle-frequency string vibrations into electric signals.

bass pickup click to hear : bass pickup

Device that converts low-frequency string vibrations into electric signals.