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violin click to hear : violin

Four-stringed instrument that the musician plays with a bow and holds between the shoulder and the chin.
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nut sound hole waist peg peg box neck fingerboard string soundboard purfling bridge tailpiece chin rest end button rib scroll

nut click to hear : nut

Small piece glued to the top of the neck; its function is to separate the strings and to raise them between the peg box and the bridge.

sound hole click to hear : sound hole

Each of the openings whose function is to release sound from the sound box.

waist click to hear : waist

Each of the instrument’s side notches in the shape of an inverted C.

peg click to hear : peg

Piece of wood or metal that rolls the end of a string to adjust its tension to obtain the exact note.

peg box click to hear : peg box

The head of a stringed instrument, where the pegs are inserted.

neck click to hear : neck

Slender piece of wood, usually maple, along which the strings are stretched.

fingerboard click to hear : fingerboard

Board on which the player’s fingers are placed to control the length of the vibrating string to determine the pitch of a note.

string click to hear : string

String made of gut or metal that is rubbed with a bow; its vibrations are transmitted to the bridge.

soundboard click to hear : soundboard

The upper, slightly convex face of the instrument; it has two holes and receives vibrations from the bridge, which it transmits to the sound box.

purfling click to hear : purfling

Ornamental strip of wood around the edge of the soundboard and the bottom of the sound box.

bridge click to hear : bridge

Piece of wood over which the strings are stretched; it transmits their vibrations to the soundboard.

tailpiece click to hear : tailpiece

Piece of wood to which the bottom ends of the strings are attached.

chin rest click to hear : chin rest

Slightly concave piece of wood or plastic on which the chin rests to hold the violin against the shoulder.

end button click to hear : end button

Ebony button used to attach the tailpiece to the sound box.

rib click to hear : rib

Each of the thin pieces of wood that form the sides of the instrument.

scroll click to hear : scroll

Spiral-shaped decorative end of the peg box.