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traditional musical instruments click to hear : traditional musical instruments

Collective term for the instruments, current or ancient, that characterize a culture, era or style of music.
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bagpipes drone pipe stock blow pipe chanter windbag

bagpipes click to hear : bagpipes

Wind instrument associated with Scottish culture; it is composed of a bellows in the shape of a windbag and several sound pipes.

drone pipe click to hear : drone pipe

Tube that produces a continuous bass note to accompany the chanter melody.

stock click to hear : stock

Each of the tubes attached to the windbag; the sound pipes and blow pipe fit inside these tubes, which also protect the reeds.

blow pipe click to hear : blow pipe

Tube with a valve into which the player blows to fill the windbag.

chanter click to hear : chanter

Tube with holes, used to play the melody.

windbag click to hear : windbag

Air chamber that feeds the chanter and drone pipes by means of compression.