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traditional musical instruments click to hear : traditional musical instruments

Collective term for the instruments, current or ancient, that characterize a culture, era or style of music.
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banjo circular body plectrum mandolin pear-shaped body

banjo click to hear : banjo

Afro-American stringed instrument that was extremely popular at the dawn of the jazz era.

circular body click to hear : circular body

Soundboard consisting of a membrane stretched over a wooden drum; it amplifies the sound vibrations produced by the strings.

plectrum click to hear : plectrum

Accessory used to cause the strings to vibrate on certain instruments, also called a pick.

mandolin click to hear : mandolin

Plucked instrument with paired strings and a pear-shaped body, originally from Italy.

pear-shaped body click to hear : pear-shaped body

Soundboard in the shape of a half pear; it amplifies the sound vibrations produced by the strings.