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wind instruments click to hear : wind instruments

Collective term for instruments that produce sound by blowing, which causes the air column inside the tube to vibrate; a reed or the lips are used to play them.
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piccolo oboe bassoon transverse flute clarinet English horn

piccolo click to hear : piccolo

Small transverse flute whose range is an octave higher than the regular transverse flute.

oboe click to hear : oboe

Double-reed instrument consisting of a conical tube with holes (some closed by keys) and a slightly flared bell.

bassoon click to hear : bassoon

Instrument with a double reed that fits into a curved mouthpiece; it consists of two parallel wooden tubes joined at the base.

transverse flute click to hear : transverse flute

Instrument consisting of a metal or wooden tube with holes (some closed by keys) and a side mouthpiece; it is held horizontally.

clarinet click to hear : clarinet

Single-reed instrument consisting of a cylindrical tube with holes (some closed by keys) and a flared bell.

English horn click to hear : English horn

Alto oboe with a pear-shaped bell.