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children’s clothing click to hear : children’s clothing

Clothing worn by children between the ages of about 3 and 12.
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T-shirt dress jumpsuit rompers training set shorts tank top

T-shirt dress click to hear : T-shirt dress

Long top in cotton jersey with a relatively high neck and usually short sleeves but with no fastening system or collar.

jumpsuit click to hear : jumpsuit

One-piece garment usually fastening in front with a zipper or buttons.

rompers click to hear : rompers

Infant day suit consisting of a short-sleeved blouse or a bib with shoulder straps, which are attached to puffy briefs that fasten at the crotch.

training set click to hear : training set

Clothing designed for sports.

shorts click to hear : shorts

Very short pants covering only the top of the thighs.

tank top click to hear : tank top

Short, fairly tight low-cut shirt without sleeves or a collar.