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elements of ancient costume image

elements of ancient costume
Examples of different articles of clothing characteristic of a period, country, condition or occasion.

traditional clothing image

traditional clothing
Examples of clothing that have characterized different regions for a number of generations.

fabric care symbols image

fabric care symbols
Most clothing has labels containing symbols showing the recommended care for the material, based on its specific characteristics.

sweaters image

Garments covering the torso and manufactured by hand or by machine from fabric with varying tightness of weave.

newborn children’s clothing image

newborn children’s clothing
Garments worn by children from birth to about three years of age.

children’s clothing image

children’s clothing
Clothing worn by children between the ages of about 3 and 12.

headgear image

Item of attire used to cover, protect or adorn the head.

shoes image

Items of attire that protect and support the foot, covering the ankle and leg to varying degrees.

gloves image

Items of attire covering the hand to at least the wrist and having finger separations.

sportswear image

Clothing and accessories designed for sports, dancing or acrobatics.