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women’s clothing image

coats image

Outerwear that is fastened in front and extends at least the hips; coats are worn over other garments as protection against cold and inclement weather.

examples of dresses image

examples of dresses
Dress: garment made up of a bodice with or without sleeves or a collar and extending into a skirt of variable length.

examples of skirts image

examples of skirts
Skirt: garment held in place by an inner waistband or a belt that goes around the waist; the length of the garment varies.

examples of pleats image

examples of pleats
Pleat: part of a garment folded over to form a double thickness of material.

examples of pants image

examples of pants
Pants: garment for the lower body; they extend from the waist or the hips to the ankles, covering each leg separately.

jackets, vest and sweaters image

jackets, vest and sweaters
Examples of garments covering the chest; they are worn over other garments as protection against the cold or as an accessory.

examples of blouses image

examples of blouses
Blouses: women’s garments covering the torso and worn directly over underwear; there are many different varieties made of all kinds of fabric.

examples of pockets image

examples of pockets
Pocket: part of a garment used to carry things and consisting of a piece of material sewn onto or inside the garment.

examples of sleeves image

examples of sleeves
Sleeve: part of the garment that covers the arm and varies in shape and length.

examples of collars image

examples of collars
Collar: piece sewn onto a garment that finishes or adorns the neck.

necklines and necks image

necklines and necks
The neck is that part of a garment near the wearer’s neck; the neckline reveals the neck and part of the shoulders and chest.

nightwear image

Articles for indoor wear, some of which are worn for sleeping.

hose image

Garments of various stretchy fabrics used to cover the foot and leg; each pair of hose has a different name, depending on its length.

underwear image

Garments worn next to the skin and under other garments.