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examples of pockets click to hear : examples of pockets

Pocket: part of a garment used to carry things and consisting of a piece of material sewn onto or inside the garment.
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welt pocket patch pocket flap pocket gusset pocket hand-warmer pouch broad welt side pocket seam pocket inset pocket

welt pocket click to hear : welt pocket

Pocket whose opening is adorned and reinforced by one or two thin strips.

patch pocket click to hear : patch pocket

Pocket of various shapes and sizes, made of a piece of material sewn onto the garment’s outer surface.

flap pocket click to hear : flap pocket

Pocket whose opening is covered by a piece of fabric hanging from the top of it.

gusset pocket click to hear : gusset pocket

Patch pocket made fuller by an expandable bottom and sides or by an inverted or round pleat in the middle of the pocket.

hand-warmer pouch click to hear : hand-warmer pouch

Patch pocket on the front of a garment; it opens vertically on one or both sides to protect the hands against the cold.

broad welt side pocket click to hear : broad welt side pocket

Angled pocket; the outer edge of the opening has a wide welt.

seam pocket click to hear : seam pocket

Pocket where the opening is in a side seam of the garment.

inset pocket click to hear : inset pocket

Pocket whose opening contains a decorative seam, giving the garment a distinctive line.