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Blouses: women’s garments covering the torso and worn directly over underwear; there are many different varieties made of all kinds of fabric.
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body shirt crotch piece mini shirtdress shirttail smock gather yoke middy classic blouse

body shirt click to hear : body shirt

Tight-fitting blouse in stretchy fabric and ending in a bikini bottom.

crotch piece click to hear : crotch piece

Part of the bikini that goes between the legs; it can sometimes be unfastened so the blouse can be put on over the head.

mini shirtdress click to hear : mini shirtdress

Full shirt-blouse ending at mid-thigh and usually worn over a skirt or pants; it has a side slit and rounded shirttails.

shirttail click to hear : shirttail

Extension of the bottom of the garment; it can be left hanging out or tucked into the pants.

smock click to hear : smock

Long unfitted blouse made of soft lightweight material; it is often buttoned in the back and is usually worn over other garments to protect them.

gather click to hear : gather

Small narrow pleat made by drawing thread through the fabric; it is not ironed or sewn down.

yoke click to hear : yoke

Variably shaped piece of fabric at the top of the garment, in front, in back or both; it begins at the shoulders or the waist, depending on the garment.

middy click to hear : middy

Straight full blouse with a sailor collar and no front opening, ending at the hips.

classic blouse click to hear : classic blouse

Front-buttoning blouse with a collar and long sleeves; it is gathered at the wrists and ends at the hips.