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examples of collars click to hear : examples of collars

Collar: piece sewn onto a garment that finishes or adorns the neck.
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collar stand lapel break line roll leading edge notch collar point fall

collar click to hear : collar

Piece sewn onto a garment that finishes or adorns the neck.

stand click to hear : stand

Top edge of the break line, where the collar turns.

lapel click to hear : lapel

Part of a garment turned down over the chest, extending the collar.

break line click to hear : break line

Line where the collar folds.

roll click to hear : roll

Inside of the collar, behind the neck.

leading edge click to hear : leading edge

Folded part of the fabric that runs along the collar.

notch click to hear : notch

Angle formed where the collar and the lapel meet.

collar point click to hear : collar point

Somewhat pointed tip of the collar.

fall click to hear : fall

Part of the collar that folds back over the garment from the break line.