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pants click to hear : pants

Garment for the lower body; it extends from the waist or the hips to the ankles, covering each leg separately.
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cuff knife pleat crease fly waistband extension front top pocket belt loop waistband back pocket

cuff click to hear : cuff

Folded end of the pant leg.

knife pleat click to hear : knife pleat

Pleat created by a vertical fold pointing in one direction and of constant width.

crease click to hear : crease

Visible mark that remains where the fold has been ironed in.

fly click to hear : fly

Vertical opening at the middle front of the pants; it closes with buttons or a zipper and is usually covered by the folded edge of the opening.

waistband extension click to hear : waistband extension

Strip of fabric that extends the waistband and is used to fasten it.

front top pocket click to hear : front top pocket

Front pants pocket that is often curved or diagonal; the opening is cut into the garment or is hidden inside a seam.

belt loop click to hear : belt loop

Thin vertical strip of material sewn at the waist of pants; a belt passes through it to hold the pants in place.

waistband click to hear : waistband

Strip of fabric sewn at the waist of pants forming a hem and holding them in place.

back pocket click to hear : back pocket

Pocket of various kinds in the back of the pants.