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men’s clothing image

pants image

Garment for the lower body; it extends from the waist or the hips to the ankles, covering each leg separately.

suspenders image

Narrow straps of adjustable length that are often elasticized; they cross in the back, go over the shoulders and fasten to the pants to keep them in place.

belt image

Strap made of various materials often with a buckle; it is worn around the waist to adjust the fit of a garment, hold it in place or adorn it.

underwear image

Garments worn next to the skin and under other garments.

socks image

Knitted garments that cover the foot and part of the leg.

coats image

Outerwear that is fastened in front; coats are worn over other garments to protect against the cold and inclement weather.

jackets image

Sleeved garments that are open at the front and fall to the hips; they are worn over a shirt, vest, sweater, etc. The top part of a suit is called a suit jacket.

shirt image

Garment covering the torso with a collar, a yoke at the back, shirttails and buttons down the front.